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4200 Cap Light




**Please note the color of the casing for the head is ORANGE not black as in picture shown***

Our Largest selling Pocket light available mounted on a cap now available with Lith. batteries to be at an even lighter weight.  This proven light has been designed to be even more handy.  With your choice this light can be purchased on a soft cap or our bump cap eliminating the cord.  With a burntime of 17hrs on high and 40hrs on low this light is made to get the job done.  This light comes with a 1 yr warranty. Now included with twist on lens covers!!!!!!!!!

Package Information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 13 x 9 x 6 in
Type of Cap

Green Bump Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Red Bump Cap, Black Bump Cap, Yellow Bump Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Pink Soft Cap, Pink Soft Cap w/ Liner, Pink Camo Soft Cap with Hard Shell Liner, Pink Soft Cap with Hard Shell Liner, Summer Mesh Soft Cap w/ Liner, Summer Mesh Cap, Hard Shell


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