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Lighting Your Way!!!

The Zoom

(11 customer reviews)

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We have been listening to you and trying to develop the most all around light. This light offers you so many options all in one package!!

“The Zoom” by Klight is the first true zoomable Cap Light!!! We have a video to show you the abilities of this light on our Facebook page!!

It can zoom out to a very large spot and then tighten up to a laser like spot with the simple twist of your hand. You are given the choice to choose what size spot you want at anytime. This features is available on all settings and colors. We have designed this light to have a Low White, Med White and a High White, then a Warm Yellow on High, Green and Red. These options allow everyone to enjoy their favorite setting for their current activity!! The versatility of this light is uncanning you will be amazed at the range you can reach with your light on any setting. This is an all-around Coonhunting, Hoghunting, and Predator Hunting light!!!

The First Zoomable Cap
The First offered with both High White and High Warm yellow in One light
And just wait till you see the Brightness on all settings!!!! For my predator hunters wait till you see The Reach on all colors!!!

The True The one The Zoom by K-Light!!!!

Please note this light does not have much overflow of light.

Package Information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 6 in
Type of Cap

Green Bump Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Red Bump Cap, Black Bump Cap, Yellow Bump Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Pink Soft Cap, Pink Soft Cap w/ Liner, Head Strap

11 reviews for The Zoom

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I bought this light for my husband and brother! They work so great! They zoom in to a smaller light and zoom out to spot light size also have red and green lighting! They are perfect for their hunting needs!

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    These lights are well worth your money! I bought them for my husband and brother and they are perfect for their hunting needs! The zoom out and in is awesome you can go from small flashlight size to big spot light in no time! Also has green and red lighting!

  3. Cary M

    This is a great light, love the zoom feature. You can zoom all the white, and colored lights. Battery life is good too.

  4. Jake Burke

    Great light, bought it for running the river and it works perfectly, great service when I ordered it also.

  5. Jake Burke

    Great light, bought it for running the river and it works perfectly, great service when I ordered it also. Fast shipping

  6. Jake burke

    Great light I bought for running the river and is perfect, and great service when I ordered.

  7. Hank craig

    Bought this light for coon hunting and it works great.. really like the zoom part on it.. very well made light.. and also great service on ordering the light..

  8. Alex Krempp

    Outstanding light with even better customer service! Absolutely cannot be beat!

  9. Laken Reynolds

    This light has the brightest led colors out there and the beam can reach a long way. Being able to zoom the head down to a tight spot and the brightness level does wonders shining a tree!

  10. Brian Albea

    I bought this lite as soon as it came out great for coon hunting and the zoom feature is nice to indicate to others where the coon is located in the tree. Great battery life as well. I have also used mine for frog gigging and it worked great for that as well.

  11. Joel Black

    Never seen this light at night when I purchased it. Very nice for shinning trees able to see entire tree most of the time with its wide angle beam, very seldom need to use a brighter setting while shinning. The peripheral light emitted from the light is less than other lights and took a night or so to get use to it. I notice I don’t have to use the colored leds as much to find eyes as I did with other led lights cause most other lights are a tighter focused beam causing it to be brighter in one spot. This light carries close to the same or the same light brightness intensity at the edge of the beam as it does in the center of the beam. I perfer bump caps myself and found the bump cap head gear very comfortable. Light hunts numerous nights on a single charge. Very nice hunting light.

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