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Lighting Your Way!!!

21 5-STAR Package

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Our 21v 5-Star Belt Light is a great economy priced light without giving up any quality. This light has the same 4.5 amp NIMH battery and all the same parts minus the walking light as our standard pack. You will have a burn time of 1 1/2hr on High 8-10hr on low side with the 5100 head. So if you are one who doesn’t use a walking light this is the light for you. Package Includes Bump or Soft Cap, 2 Bulbs, Pop Cover, Belt and Smart Charger.  This light comes with a 1 yr Warranty.

Package Information

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 6 in
Type of Cap

Green Bump Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap, Green Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Red Bump Cap, Black Bump Cap, Yellow Bump Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap, Pink Camo Soft Cap w/ Liner, Pink Soft Cap, Pink Soft Cap w/ Liner, Pink Camo Soft Cap with Hard Shell Liner, Pink Soft Cap with Hard Shell Liner, Summer Mesh Soft Cap w/ Liner

5100 Pop Covers

Amber, Green, Blue

2nd 5100 Pop Covers

Amber, Green, Blue

Actual Waist Size

32 – 34, 36 – 38, 44 – 46, 48 – 50, 50 – 59

2 reviews for 21 5-STAR Package

  1. Jason Vega

    I’ve had my belt light for 11 years and has never let me down!I use it for everything from running lines for catfish at night to coon hunting to coyote hunting and numerous household chores! If it ever gives out I’ll get a new one but don’t need it yet!

  2. Jordan Drake

    Ive had my belt light for around 10 years. I actually bought mine used because I was just getting into coon hunting and got a good deal. Just figured id buy a used and get a new one later on well 10 years later im still using it great light for the money.

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